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What Is CBD Tea?

Published: 13-11-2021

Are you looking for a more innovative and relaxing way to get your CBD fix? Drinking CBD tea is one way to go. CBD tea is an especially favorable option for tea enthusiasts or those who don’t really find it appealing to smoke it. The best part about CBD tea is that you can enjoy it however you want. It comes in different forms, concentrations, formulas, and flavors.

Therefore, the options are always endless. However, to fully enjoy it, it is a good idea to find out exactly what CBD tea is. So, before you stock up on the relaxing potion, check out our guide on what is CBD tea to learn everything there is to know about the tea.

What Is CBD Tea?

As the name suggests, CBD tea refers to a drink that contains cannabinoids that aim to provide therapeutic properties. It uses different concentrations of CBD to help you relax while providing other health benefits. The best part about using CBD tea is that you can enjoy it in multiple forms. You can opt to go for a typical loose-leaf tea infused with CBD.

Alternatively, you can add CBD oil to your regular tea. CBD tea yields health benefits similar to any other CD product. However, it is also believed that the method (ingestion) of CBD tea also optimizes particular benefits. Because you drink it, CBD tea is digested before the CBD is absorbed into your blood. Thus, this method helps to support digestion and increase absorption rates.

Different Types of CBD Teas

Like other CBD products, you can find a variety of CBD teas in the market.  CBD teas come in different forms, concentrations, and even flavors. As mentioned above, CBD teas come in various forms. So, you can opt for tea in the form of loose-leaf, tea bags, or CBD oil.

Loose Leaf or Tea Bags

The list is endless. In addition to the standard types of CBD teas, different brands will also produce their own variations and blends. For example, you can find brands that infuse their CBD tea with compounds such as lavender, chamomile, turmeric, or green tea, to mention a few. The purpose is to yield varying benefits based on the user’s needs.

Sure, all types of CBD tea will help you relax and provide other benefits attributed to CBD. However, their infusion with other compounds provides extra benefits. For example, lavender complements CBD to help you relax even better.   Turmeric packs powerful anti-antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents while improving heart health.

On the other hand, chamomile and green tea pack several health benefits, including supporting healthy blood sugar levels, reducing inflammation, and promoting sleep and relaxation. These are just some of the many compounds you will find infused with CBD loose leaf tea or tea bags.


Alternatively, you can control the flavors and outcome of your CBD tea by using CBD oil instead of pre-produced tea. Similarly, CBD oil still gives you the option to control flavor, concentration, and results. You can opt for standard full spectrum oil with different concentrations. Or, you can opt for oil infused with compounds such as menthol or other cannabinoids.

Health Benefits of CBD Tea

Similar to other CBD products, CBD tea comes with multiple benefits. These include;

Pain Relief

Cannabinoids work by binding to brain receptors to help manage pain. CBD relieves different types of pain, including muscular, arthritic, joint, and spinal pain.

Anxiety Relief

CBD has also been reported to reduce anxiety associated with stress and PTSD. While it doesn’t induce intoxicating effects, instead, it helps you relax and sleep better.

Treating Epilepsy

CBD tea is quite effective at treating epilepsy. While studies continue daily, there is still adequate research and studies to support this claim.

Other Benefits

  • Reduces asthma symptoms
  • Soothes stomach pain
  • Supports the nervous system and brain function
  • Provides neuroprotective effects
  • Reduces acne symptoms
  • Supports heart health

Additional Benefits

As mentioned above, different manufacturers will also blend their teas with other beneficial compounds like turmeric or chamomile, etc. This additional formula helps to yield complementary health benefits as well. So, you can always choose CBD tea to suit your health needs.

Nonetheless, it is essential to remember that the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) deems it illegal to label CBD teas (or other CBD products) as medicinal or supplements. Only a handful of rigorously tested and certified CBD products have this approval. Still, several studies have managed to prove the health benefits of CBD.

How to Prepare CBD Tea

Preparation of CBD tea is pretty simple. You can opt for tea bags or loose leaf tea to add to hot water like regular tea. Alternatively, you can prepare your own tea from scratch using CBD oil. Here’s how you do it;

  1. Add hot water to your drinking mug or diffuser pot
  2. Dip your favorite tea bag or add loose leaf tea into the diffuser compartment
  3. Add a few drops of your favorite CBD oil to the fat, like coconut milk or oil (start with a small dose of at least 5ml if you’re a beginner). Adding CBD oil to the fat helps to increase its bioavailability and absorption rates. This is because, on its own, it is impossible to blend in with the tea due to its hydrophobic properties. You can also skip this step by opting for specially manufactured water-soluble CBD oil.
  4. Once mixed with the fat, add the oil to your tea, stir and let it rest for 20to 30 seconds. You can then enjoy your tea!

CBD Tea: A Great Way to Get Your CBD Fix

The best part about drinking CBD tea is you don’t have to deal with toxic smokes. This relaxing method for taking CBD also comes with great versatility. You can choose your flavor, concentration, and even formula.

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