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What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

Published: 11-10-2021

Now that you understand the benefits of using CBD you may be tempted to purchase some and try it out. However, one big question that many people tend to have is – how will it taste and can I consume it without inducing a gag reflex?

If you have consumed cannabis before, then you know it can have a very earthy and “green” taste that can be too strong for some people. The good news is that there are many different types and flavors of CBD oil that businesses manufacture. CBD oil that is unflavored tends to have an earthy taste as well, however, with added flavorings that you like you can make the oil go down your gullet much easier.

Is it possible to eat plain CBD?

Until now, we have spoken about infusing CBD oil with food and drinks when consuming. But, is it possible to just ingest the oil straight from the bottle? The short answer is yes, you can. CBD is extracted from a natural cannabis plant meaning that no additional chemicals or unnatural properties are present in concentrated CBD (assuming no preservative or harmful substances were used when growing the cannabis plant).

The CBD is then mixed with natural hemp oil that is made using hemp seeds to form the CBD oil. The final product is an all-natural oil that is safe for consumption but there aren’t many people who prefer the natural taste.

Also, consuming CBD oil orally is not how CBD was first designed to be ingested. Sublingual consumption (as we spoke about earlier) is the recommended method because you can feel the effects faster, almost all the CBD will be consumed, and you are unlikely to taste the CBD as much.

You simply have to place a few drops of the oil underneath your tongue and then leave it there for a total of 30 seconds. The oil will enter your bloodstream through the tissues under your tongue and you will be able to feel the effects within fifteen minutes.

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How does CBD oil taste?

CBD oil has an earthy taste that is similar to microgreens or freshly cut grass. You will also find others who describe the taste as being “nutty”. Everybody’s taste buds and preferences are different. This may be alluring to some but there are many others who would prefer if the original taste is covered by something more pleasant. This is why CBD oil is usually infused with food and drinks.

The taste of the CBD oil can also vary depending on the quality of the cannabis plants used as well as the methods of extraction. In the end, the sense of taste is quite subjective among individuals. What your friend says about the taste may not necessarily mean that you’re going to feel the same way about it. Therefore, the best way of knowing for sure is by trying it out for yourself.

Different elements that affect the taste of CBD

Along with extraction methods, there are three other factors that affect the taste of CBD oil.

The existence of terpenes

Terpenes are a type of aromatic compound found on many plants, including cannabis. They tend to have a strong odor and taste that are meant to act as a defense mechanism for the plant to prevent pests and predators. Terpenes are the main culprit behind the slightly bitter taste of CBD.

There are two types of CBD – Broad-spectrum CBD oil and CBD Isolate. The main difference is that CBD isolate solely consists of CBD whereas Broad-spectrum CBD uses a mix of cannabinoids and terpenes. Therefore, if you use only CBD isolate oil, you won’t taste it as much.

The base (carrier) oil used

The carrier oil is an oil derived from plants that the CBD is mixed into to carry the essential oils and supplements. The most common oils are hemp oil, MCT oil, olive oil, and grape seed oil. Each of these oils have their own unique taste that adds to the overall taste of the CBD oil.

For example, MCT oil has little to no taste or smell and will not affect the underlying taste of the CBD. Olive oil has a slightly earthy flavor that can actually increase the natural taste of CBD if that’s what you prefer.

Additional flavoring

You can have both natural and artificial flavors added to your CBD oil to make it more palatable. While the natural flavorings are fine, you need to be wary of the artificial ones as it can lead to further health issues.

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    CBD Oil Full Spectrum with Menthol 20% (2000mg) 10ml
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    Sweet Dreams (mix of cannabinoids) 3.25% (325mg) 10ml
  • Sweet Dreams strenght (mix of cannabinoids) 7.2% (720mg) 10ml
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    Sweet Dreams strenght (mix of cannabinoids) 7.2% (720mg) 10ml

Is CBD safe to consume?

Even though CBD has been used for many years, there is still a lot we don’t know about it which is why many doctors are reluctant to administer it as an “official treatment”. However, from the research done in recent times, we can glean that since CBD is a natural product, it is safe for consumption. The things to keep in mind are:

  • You cannot overdose on CBD – While you may experience some side effects from consuming a large quantity of CBD, there is very little chance of you dying because of it. Though this does not mean that you should be consuming it in large quantities on a daily basis.
  • CBD does not have any intoxicating properties – Due to this, you don’t have to fear any poisonous effects taking place in your body by its consumption. Make sure you read the packaging on your CBD purchase to ensure it is all natural to be 100% safe.
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