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How Long Do Weed Edibles Stay In Your System?

Published: 23-06-2021

Wondering how long do edibles stay in your system? This guide can help you figure out the answer. In recent years, edibles have become more popular methods for taking marijuana compared to options such as smoking and vaping.

With edibles, you don’t have to smoke or vape the weed into your lungs to enjoy its effects. Thus, edibles have become a more appealing ingestion option – making it safer. Yet, the effects and longevity of weed edibles significantly vary from other methods. Our guide below helps to share just how long weed edibles stay in your system.

How Long Does An Edible Stay In Your System?

Typically, weed edibles stay in your system for about 3 to 13 days. However, if you are a frequent user, weed edibles can stay for as long as 30 days in your system.  Compared to other methods of administering edibles, take longer to feel its effects and also lasts longer in your system. For example, when a weed joint, lasts a significantly shorter period.

After inhalation, you will begin to feel the effects of a weed joint in about 15 minutes. However, the weed only stays in your system for about 3 days. Nonetheless, the actual length weed edibles stay in your body still varies as with other methods. You have to consider factors such as the dosage you consume and the frequency at which you consume the edibles.

Generally, the first half life of weed edibles lasts anywhere from three to twelve hours – depending on the key factors. However, you have to remember when it comes to edible in the system, we are talking about effects and the actual content. However, both content and effects are dependent on factors such as the dosage and how frequently you ingest weed. Similarly, the THC levels and effects vary based on the method of administration. For example, the THC levels in smoked weed will decline and wear off quickly than those in weed edibles.

What Are Weed Edibles?

Weed edibles are basically food products that contain cannabinoids. This can be anything from candy and gum to baked goods, drinks, or capsules. When ingested edibles, pass through the digestive system and end up to the liver after being digested. The body converts the delta-9 THC in the Weed to 11-hydroxy which produces the psychoactive effects. Due to this process, THC in weed edibles takes much longer to produce its effects than in smoked or vaped weed.

Generally, weed edibles can take as long as 2 hours for you to begin experiencing the effects. Smoking or vaping on the other hand takes the weed to the lungs where it is immediately absorbed into the blood. This is why it takes as low as 15 minutes to start experiencing the effects. Nonetheless, different weed edible products also work at different frequencies.

For example, edibles such as candy and chocolate offer quicker effects compared to baked goods. This is because when ingested, they easily melt on your mouth. This, in turn, allows the THC to absorb into your bloodstream much quicker.

But, just as edibles take time for their effects to kick in, their effects also last longer – typically, up to 12 hours. Frequent users will have edible weed THC levels stay in their system for as long as 12 hours. Casual users on the other hand have their levels stay for only about a week or two.

How Long Does Edible Stay In Your System To Be Detected?

There’s no doubt that THC levels in edibles can be detected in tests. In fact, since edibles stay in your system for a long time, it may be much easier to detect them in screening. Nonetheless, different drug screenings detect edibles at different intervals.  Common tests conducted to screen THC levels in your system include urine, blood, saliva, sweat, and hair follicle tests.

However, these tests detect THC levels at different periods. For example, urine has a timeline of between 3 to 30 days, blood has 3 to 4 hours, saliva has 24 to 72 hours, whilst hair follicle tests have a timeline of up to 90 days.

Are Weed Edibles Legal?

Several states have legalized marijuana including products such as weed edibles. However, some states have only legalized it for medical use whilst others have done so for recreational and medical use. Thus, before, you buy any weed edible products, you want to cross-check with your state laws to ensure they are fully legal.

How Long Do Weed Edibles Stay In Your System?

AS mentioned above, weed edible effects typically last in your system for up to 12 hours. However, edibles can be detected in the system for up to 90 days. Nevertheless, it's worth remembering that the longevity of weed edibles in your system is also affected by several factors. Thus, there isn't really a solid timeline.

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