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How Long Do CBD Gummies Last?

Published: 07-10-2021

There are many methods currently being used to infuse CBD with food and drinks. One of the more common methods is to use gummies which are easy and tasty to consume. Each gummy will have a pre-measured dose of CBD infused with it allowing you to consume only the gummy on a daily basis for the required CBD benefits.

The effects of the CBD will depend on our body chemistry. Each of us has a unique body chemistry and so the results will vary. However, that does not mean that you cannot arm yourself with all the necessary information before consuming it.

Why do people consume edible CBD?

In the light of recent studies that show how CBD is beneficial to our health, many people have been looking for the easiest and fastest method of consuming CBD available to them. CBD manufacturers are also taking advantage of this gap in the market and have created products especially for this purpose.

Nowadays, it is quite easy to find CBD edibles at local stores or online that can be delivered to your home. Unlike cannabis, you do not require a prescription in most places to acquire CBD. Due to how affordable and simple it is to find CBD edibles, people have gotten used to purchasing them for their CBD needs which is why you will find that most people consume edible CBD over most other forms.

How long before CBD gummies kick in?

As mentioned before, the different forms of consuming CBD will affect the rate at which you feel the effects. Gummies are another form of edible CBD which are infused with the CBD oil and then ingested instead of being absorbed sublingually without swallowing.

Ingestible CBD usually takes a lot longer to feel the effects when compared to other forms. This is because the gummy will have to travel through your digestive system and then break apart in your bloodstream before it will start to take effect. As a result, you will only start to feel it after a minimum of thirty minutes have passed.

To keep to a schedule, it would be wise to consume the gummy at least an hour before the allotted time to ensure that the effects kick in. You should also refrain from taking additional gummies if you don’t feel anything within two hours. Your body composition is different, so even if someone else feels the effect quicker, yours might just be taking a while longer to break down.

How long do CBD gummies last?

Your body composition will affect both how long the edible will take to begin showing effects as well as how long it lasts in your body. Generally, an edible can take anywhere between five to eight hours to wear off though this will also depend on how much CBD you consumed and how potent the concentrate was.

Also, even though the effects of CBD may wear off, the compound itself may stay in your body for a while longer. This is true of almost any substance you consume and until now, the exact time taken to completely eliminate it from your body has not reached a final conclusion.

It can take at least a day to flush out of your system or even up to three days in some cases. This again will depend on how much you consumed as well as the unique properties of your body such as the percentage of body fat you have (nutrients, including CBD, tend to get stored in fat cells as well). You can learn more about the additional factors that affect longevity of CBD in your body in our other blog.

What are the factors that impact the effects of edibles in the body?

There are additional factors that affect how fast you feel the effects of CBD. Let’s break down a few of them:

  1. Your metabolic rate – Your metabolism is directly responsible for how fast your body is able to process food and convert it into the different components and energy required to power the cells in your body. Each of us have varying metabolic rates and how fast you feel the effects will depend on how quickly your body is able to break down the gummy you consumed. If you have a fast metabolic rate, the CBD will be absorbed much more quickly.
  1. Whether you have a full or empty stomach – The CBD gummy will have to fully break down before you start feeling the effects. If you have additional food in your stomach already, your body will have to work longer and harder to break all of it down. Due to this, the process can take much longer than anticipated, especially if your metabolism is slow as well. However, if you consume the gummy on an empty stomach, the breakdown process will begin and end much faster.
  1. Your exact body composition – We all have unique properties that define us and these can influence how quickly the CBD is broken down in your body:
  • Body weight and size – People on the heavier end of the scale or with higher body mass may require a bigger dose to feel the same level of effect. As a result, the body will have to break down a larger portion of the CBD edible, thus taking longer than usual.
  • Other medications – There are certain medications that can either slow down or increase the rate at which your body digests food in your body. If you take medication regularly, you will need to speak with your doctor about these medications as well as whether it is safe to consume it together with CBD before you eat any edibles.
  • Digestive enzymes – The enzymes in your stomach are another factor that is directly responsible for how fast food is broken down and converted into nutrients that your body will absorb. The efficiency of these enzymes vary between individuals and can also be affected by both internal and external conditions such as stress and obesity.

These are not the only factors that affect the absorption rate, but it gives you an idea about how difficult it can be to predict how long it can take before you feel the effects of CBD. You should use your first few times consuming CBD as a general understanding of how long it takes for you personally.

If you don’t feel anything after a few hours on more than one occasion, you may need to speak with a doctor to up your dosage to the required level.

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