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Does CBD Oil Expire?

Published: 11-10-2021

Almost every type of good food or consumable substance has an expiration date, and CBD is one of them. You would want the bottle you purchase to last until you finish it rather than having it expire on you and causing more problems. Since you’re using only a few drops each day, the bottle can last you for many months so you may be worried about when it expires.

CBD oil usually has a shelf life of around one to two years. They may not expire during this period, but the potency and quality will degrade over time until it becomes unusable. Towards the latter stages, the cannabinoids present may be too weak to deliver all the benefits such as pain relief.

How is the expiration date determined?

The following are the factors that affect how quickly the CBD oil will expire:

  1. Ingredients used – Ingredients such as the flavoring and carrier oils used also have an expiration date. These will affect the overall shelf life of the oil and if not tested properly, it can even lead to other problems such as mold or microbes growing inside the oil.
  1. Quality of the plant and CBD – The growing conditions of the plant as well as any preservatives or chemicals used can affect the quality of the CBD. It goes without saying that higher quality CBD means it will last longer.
  1. Storage and packaging – Heat, light, and exposure to air can accelerate the degradation process of the CBD oil. The bottle needs to be stored in a cool, dark place and the bottle itself needs to be airtight to be stored for long periods.
  1. The process of extraction – Each process can affect the expiration of the CBD as it will determine the amount of CBD present and how stable the final compound is. The carbon dioxide method is typically recommended.
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How to make the CBD oil last longer

There are a few steps you can take to keep your CBD oil as fresh as possible until the expected shelf-life is reached:

  1. Heat and exposure to air will definitely shorten the shelf life of the CBD bottle. Make sure you only open the bottle when you need to use it and then seal the cap on tightly afterward.
  1. Don’t transfer the liquid to another bottle. Make sure to keep it in the same airtight container.
  1. Store the bottle in a cool, dry place only. If you have an air humidifier in the room, you may want to find another place to store the CBD bottle as the moisture will encourage the growth of mold.
  1. Direct sunlight is CBD oil’s worst enemy. Store the bottle away from sunlight and never near a window, skylight, or door.
  1. Don’t keep your CBD bottle on you at all times – such as in your bag or a pouch. Heat gets trapped in these places and will encourage bacteria to grow inside the bottle.
  1. Clean the dipper every time you use it and never dip the same tool back into the bottle after one use. You can introduce new bacteria or harmful elements into the oil by doing so.

How will you know if the CBD oil has expired?

Always make sure that your CBD oil bottle has an expiration date mentioned on it before you purchase it. This way you can guarantee that it is not expired when purchasing and you will know how long you can use it for. Since these labels can wear off, make a mental note or set a reminder on your phone to ensure your safety.

The other methods of determining whether the oil has gone bad is by:

  • The smell – The oil should have an earthy scent and it shouldn’t give off a bad odor. If you notice a strong, unpleasant aroma when you open the bottle, it has most likely gone bad.
  • The consistency – The oil has a consistency just shy of being watery. If it turns thick and very dark, then it is probably expired.
  • The taste – After using it for a while, you will know what the oil’s usual taste is like. When it starts to become funky and weird, then you know it has gone bad.
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What will happen to you if you consume expired CBD oil?

Until now, there have been no proven reports of people falling sick due to consuming expired CBD oil. Usually, people will know when the oil has gone bad so will only consume a small dose of expired oil which won’t do anything to you.

Just to be safe, throw away any bottle that is past its expiry date or has any of the properties mentioned above.

CBD is a great compound with many potential health benefits. Though studies are still being conducted on it, current research has proven quite a few of these benefits. However, it is important that you consume only natural and organic CBD oil so that you are safe from any potential side effects that can come from artificial or expired ingredients being added to the oil or other forms of consumable CBD.

CBD Pro Labs is a trusted source for many CBD enthusiasts and we only use 100% organic CBD in all of our products. Every product is also gluten-free, sugar-free, and vegan-friendly so anyone can enjoy the benefits of CBD. If you are planning on introducing CBD into your life, then it is best to have a reputable source to receive your daily CBD consumables from. Visit our website to learn more about us and what we offer.

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